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Yogini and Eco-Tourist Valeria Hinojosa Shares her Travels With Dog Coco

Our FIDO Friendly Spring issue features our annual cruelty free edit. We are sure you will enjoy our interview with Yogini and eco-tourist Valeria Hinojosa who travels with her dog, Coco, as much as possible.  Here is a sneak peak at the interview – subscribe today to enjoy full article!


1) Where were you in life when you became interested in eco-tourism and leading a compassionate lifestyle?

I’ve always had a love for nature, ever since I was little, but I didn’t realize how my actions could impact nature in a positive or negative way until I reached my 20s and began watching more documentaries and researching pressing topics about Mother Earth. I became vegetarian in my early 20s and, after following that diet for three years, I transitioned into veganism. It was sort of a no-brainer decision for me since veganism is one of the most sustainable choices we can make as human beings.

 2) How does your life now living in Miami compare to living in Bolivia? (people, lifestyle, food, how do they feel about dogs as part of the family compare to USA?)

Living in the US has provided me with opportunities I might have not been able to experience back home in Bolivia. Especially in the lifestyle I’ve chosen to pursue. Veganism, eco-tourism, and sustainability are three movements that were not progressing in Bolivia until recently. It was just last year that a few vegan restaurants began opening their doors in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, (my hometown) and eco-friendly hotels and brands are still in the works. Miami and the US have a greater awareness and bigger and stronger eco-friendly movement. And yes, dogs are a big part of that too. Sadly, people back home don’t respect animals and nature as much as other countries do.

3) When did you start your blog WaterThruSkin and what does that mean? 

As soon as I graduated from college I began my career as a Private Banker. I worked in that industry for five years until I realized it wasn’t what set my soul on fire. I was frustrated, depressed and felt I was missing on life. While in banking, I decided to start a blog to put my thoughts and emotions in writing and connect with like-minded individuals. The focus of it was a conscious lifestyle. A few months into it, I was invited to review an eco-friendly hotel for my blog and right there, in Costa Rica, I realized this is what I want to pursue.

I named my blog “WaterThruSkin” because I wanted to create a platform and movement as refreshing and transparent as water yet with the power to penetrate through skin.


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