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Your Dog’s Dream Weekend Getaway

Tentrr is designed for outdoor lovers and their dogs. Too frequently, campgrounds are not dog-friendly or require dogs to be leashed at all times. 

Tentrr puts fully-equipped campsites on 15 acres or more private secluded land so your dog can run free. In addition, each Tentrr campsite has onsite swimming spots and hiking trails as well as nearby dog-friendly activities such as wineries, hunting, fishing and more. 

Each campsite comes with a platform, large canvas tent, bed, Adirondack chairs, wood stove, picnic table, dry storage, sun shower, camp toilet, fire pit, and more. Campsites fit between 2-12 campers (additional dome tents provided for groups) and average $127 per night.




The majority of Tentrr campsites are 2 hours from New York City in the Hudson Valley and Catskills but by July, Tentrr will have sites throughout the North East. In late 2017, Tentrr will have sites in the Pacific Northwest as well. To learn more cick here! 


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