Issue 37: May/Jun 2009

Fido Friendly Issue 37

ALL DOLLED UP WITH SOMEWHERE TO GOCapturing the excitement and glamour of Westminster.
EAT, DRINK & BE HAPPYWhether it’s purchasing quality food from the store or cooking at home, we want the very best for our canine companions.
COVER STORY: CANINE CRUSADERKathryn Erbe fights for justice, both onscreen and off.
LIFE IS A HIGHWAYWhen Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney and his former Playmate of the Year wife Tiffany Fallon hit the road, so do their dogs.
BACKYARD MAKEOVERSimple solutions for creating a space both you and Fido can enjoy.
PLAYA BLANCA PUPSOffering food—and love—to a stray family.

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STOCK MARKET ‘ANGELS’It’s a dog day at NASDAQ—but in a good way.
THE DOC IS INIf your pup lacks pep, it could be his thyroid gland.
SHE YAPS/HE YAPSTwo of America’s top trainers discuss what to do in a “dog-meet-dog” situation.
THE WHOLE PET DIETKeep Fido strong (and beautiful) with this cleansing diet supplement.
PET NUTRITIONWhere’s the beef? What to look for in dry dog food.
HEALTH + WELLNESSPreparing your dog’s food is worth it.
DIARY OF A DOG CHEFTo combine or not to combine dog food, that is the question.
AIR BUDJetBlue makes flying friendlier for dogs.

EUREKA!Discovering the beauty of northwest Arkansas.
NIPPING AROUND NAPADogs may not drink the wine, but they’re welcome throughout the valley.
OUT OF THIS WORLDJupiter Beach Resort offers a seaside getaway for you and your dog.
BEST OF THE WESTVisit the Grand Canyon while Fido is cared for at this RV resort.
I’LL TAKE MANHATTANPets are welcome at this upscale, hybrid hotel on NYC’s Upper East Side.

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Recent Articles
  • 4Paws Kingdom

    4Paws Kingdom guest dog

    This “human-friendly” campground in North Carolina offers a one-of-a-kind experience for two- and four-legged guests.

    By Susan Sims, Publisher

    Owners Connie and Sandy often get asked, “What’s so special about your pet-friendly campground?” To which they reply, “Well, we aren’t pet-friendly, we are human-friendly because the dogs are our guests; you’re just lucky they bring you along to join in...

  • Back to the Beach!

    Fido Friendly surfing

    The best beaches in America for dogs and their people

    By Tamra Bolton 

    What says summer better than an early morning run on an open stretch of beach with your furry friend? No beaches near you? No problem...FIDO Friendly has scouted out the best beaches in America for dogs and their people. We found beaches from coast to coast, even an entire island for you to explore with your friend. These...

  • Road Trip in the Heart of Morocco with Fido

    Traveling with fido

    An exotic excursion from Marrakesh to the Sahara

    By Maria Himmich

    For some reason, Morocco does not sound like a Fido-friendly destination. In fact, some people are afraid of dogs, especially in cities. During my stay, I choose to ex- plore part of the Kingdom by car with my dog Shark and friends. Actually, I was born and grew up in the capital Rabat, but I never had the chance to go to the...

  • The Shallows Resort

    Dog on the dock of the Shallows Resort

    Staying here was more like visiting a relative, comfortable and relaxing

    By Susan Sims, Publisher

    Door County is a personal favorite of ours. The peninsula in fall can’t be beat for the weather and friendly folks. This year we chose to stay at the family owned The Shallows Resort in Egg Harbor on the shores of Green Bay. Our condo with water views included a full kitchen and over a three-day...