Issue 38: Jul/Aug 2009

Fido Friendly Issue 38

Bark is the New BlackFido-friendly fashions at FITNY.
Pet Fashion WeekOnce again, proving to be ahead of the pack.
Bowser on a BudgetEasy ways to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your budget without shortchanging Fido.
Patient Heal ThyselfStem cell therapy can help improve the quality of life for animals.
Can You Hear Me Now?Communicating with your canine.
Healing TouchProgram helps animals get healthy for adoption.
50 Heroes of ChaiténDisplaced by tragedy, local animals fight to survive with the help of dedicated volunteers.


Fashion art +designA review of some of the top fashions and home décor.
Junior is a 5-month-old black Lab cross found at an Idaho animal shelter when he was just two months. Publisher Susan Sims and husband Greg were smitten as soon as they saw his sweet face. Junior is the offi cial poster pup for the fi rst annual Get Your Licks on Route 66SM adoption tour, brought to you by FIDO Friendly and North Shore Animal League America. For more information on the event, visit MORE ON PAGE 32

Travel NotesIt’s easy for your dog to go “green” at Loews Hotels.
Southwest StyleTubac Golf Resort & Spa preserves history and pampers pooches.
Wine & Bitch at Paws Up Resort!37,000 acres of playground for you and your pup.
Power PoochesD.C. stands for “Dog Capitol” in Washington.
Tails from the TrailsSet your dog on the trail of old bones.
Borrego Springs EternalFido can find timeless elegance and modern amenities at this resort.
Smoky Gets in Your EyesThe mountain area offers beautiful scenery and fun attractions.
Ragin’ CajunGet a taste of Louisiana in Madisonville.
Dogs in BrugesFido is beloved in beautiful Belgium.
Continental CozmoLife is sweet for this dog in Europe.

International Traveler of the MonthPack of five travels on two wheels.
Canine ConnectionWho is Buddy anyway? DNA testing for your mutt.
The Doc is InKeep a safe household for Fido by keeping these items out of reach.
How to Keep Cool during the Summer MonthsTips on keeping your pooch comfortable.
Training: He Yaps/She YapsTwo of America’s top trainers discuss what to do in a “pick-up” game.
NEW DEPARTMENT! Crate & GardenIs your home making your dog sick?
On the SceneChic canines can find everything they need at the Bitch New York website.
My Business Has Gone to the DogsDogs inspire unique three-dimensional works from Alexander Art.
Best in ShowA Beagle’s illness—and her doctor’s care—motivates her guardian to make a difference.
Health+WellnessSeven budget solutions to caring for your pet and the environment.
Goodbye, ZoeyRemembering a life lived to the fullest.

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  • How ‘Suite’ it is at the Fido-friendly Hilton Branson Convention Center

    The Hilton Branson Convention Center and Hotel

    Tourist town rolls out an Ozark welcome for Fido

    Byline: By Anietra Hamper

    The Hilton Branson Convention Center and Hotel is centrally located in downtown Branson close to stage shows, shopping, Silver Dollar City amusement park, Branson Landing and excursions in the mountains. The staff at the towering AAA Four Diamond Hilton Branson Hotel is accustomed to catering to out-of-towners for...

  • Learn Your Dogs’ Dosha to Help Them Thrive

    Amanda and Graham the Dog

    By Amanda Ree Ringnalda

    Harmony and optimum health are only achieved when we live in accordance with nature’s law of balance. We see evidence of this in our own lives when we eat, work or do anything in excess. That imbalance can throw us off in small and large ways. It affects body, mind and spirit and in no time, we start seeing the physical and mental results. Dogs are no different.

  • Hiking the Swiss Alps with Fido

    Rosa exploring the dramatic cliffs of Switzerland

    By Hayley Whitfield

    Soaring up the mountainside in the Kandersteg-Sunnbuel Cable Car, Rosa and I greeted many local families going out for a popular weekend hike along the Gemmi Pass, with their dogs in tow. Because of course, in Switzerland, dogs are allowed to travel on all public transport – even the cable cars! With her paws back on the ground, Rosa took off up the trail towards Lake Dauben,...

  • European-Style Vacation, No Passport Needed!

    European style vacation with Fido right here in Washington state

    By Tamra Bolton

    Dream of traveling to Europe but don’t want the hassle of passports and securing papers for Fido? Just off the coast of Washington lies a group of islands that will have you wondering if you are ‘over the pond’. Dotted with white-washed seaside villages, rolling farmland, lush forests and pristine beaches, this is as close to a European experience as you can get in the states…and...