Issue 42: Mar/Apr 2010

Fido Friendly Issue 42

52 Holly Madison Former Playboy Playmate and girlfriend to Hugh Hefner sat down for a chat with celebrity photographer Christopher Ameruoso.

54 Hearts of the Ocean Museum pays permanent tribute to Titanic’s ill-fated dog passengers.
56 Get Fit with Fido! Yes, your best workout buddy is your dog.
58 Dogs & Bicycles Bicycles have come a long way since Toto went for a ride in The Wizard of Oz.
60 Wanted: Canine Clairvoyant When traditional training fails, one pet owner turns to an animal psychic for help.
61 Jane Doe No Mo' When Maureen Pitkin found a rescue dubbed Jane Doe, she knew it was meant to be.
62 Joel Silverman Somewhere over Fido’s rainbow is a vibrant training method courtesy of renowned dog trainer, Joel Silverman.
63 Confessions of a Dog Mom It doesn’t have to be dogs vs. children.
4 “JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS KEEPING AN EYE ON MY POKER HAND… I turned my head for a split second, and Napoleon ran off with the diamond collar!” PAGE 52,
TOP 100 We have uncovered the best of the best featuring the latest in fashion trends, health and wellness, travel trimmings and other must-haves for your furry best friend.

14 Parlor Test your skills with our crossword puzzle, and look for your photogenic pooch.
16 Lead Reads Bury your nose in a good book.
18 The Social Dog New York City’s dogs are joining “meet up” groups in the hundreds.
20 Crate & Garden Keeping Fido safe in the backyard.
22 Best in Show Cardinal Laboratories going off the electric grid.
24 Natural & Holistic Dog Wash that infection right out of pets’ ears.
26 Health & Wellness Healing Fido the natural way—with plants.
28 Pet Nutrition Two views on whether dogs should go vegetarian.
30 The Doc is In Rover Warrior.
32 Training 101 How to deal with a friend’s overly friendly Fido.
34 My Business Has Gone to the Dogs Melding the passion for dogs with the passion for luxury at i Love Dogs.
97 10 is the New 5 Turning back the paws of time.
98 The Fido Feed Weird, fun, upbeat and unusual news about dogs from around the country.

65 Dallas Digs Dogs Catering to canines is big in this Texas city.
68 Georgia on My Mind Kick back or kick up your heels southern style.
70 Hounds & History All are welcome at the jewel of Cape Cod’s crown: Provincetown.
71 B&B Dogcations B&Bs aren't exactly ruffi ng it.
72 Vegas Style! Stakes are high, bets are off and Fido’s ready for Vegas.
74 Natural Selection Fido-friendly wineries in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State.
76 Welcome to the Edge Fido will have the time of his life at this award-winning hotel.
77 Tranquility Awaits This Orcas Island vacation home will take your breath away.
78 Hotel Monaco Portland Canine delights—everything from massages to painted portraits.
79 Ojai Valley Inn and Spa Nature, art and fi ve-star pampering.
80 Oregon Motel Checking in is just the start of the many surprises that await Fido.

82 The Allison Inn & Spa
83 Lifestyles Guide
89 Travel Guide

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  • 4Paws Kingdom

    4Paws Kingdom guest dog

    This “human-friendly” campground in North Carolina offers a one-of-a-kind experience for two- and four-legged guests.

    By Susan Sims, Publisher

    Owners Connie and Sandy often get asked, “What’s so special about your pet-friendly campground?” To which they reply, “Well, we aren’t pet-friendly, we are human-friendly because the dogs are our guests; you’re just lucky they bring you along to join in...

  • Back to the Beach!

    Fido Friendly surfing

    The best beaches in America for dogs and their people

    By Tamra Bolton 

    What says summer better than an early morning run on an open stretch of beach with your furry friend? No beaches near you? No problem...FIDO Friendly has scouted out the best beaches in America for dogs and their people. We found beaches from coast to coast, even an entire island for you to explore with your friend. These...

  • Road Trip in the Heart of Morocco with Fido

    Traveling with fido

    An exotic excursion from Marrakesh to the Sahara

    By Maria Himmich

    For some reason, Morocco does not sound like a Fido-friendly destination. In fact, some people are afraid of dogs, especially in cities. During my stay, I choose to ex- plore part of the Kingdom by car with my dog Shark and friends. Actually, I was born and grew up in the capital Rabat, but I never had the chance to go to the...

  • The Shallows Resort

    Dog on the dock of the Shallows Resort

    Staying here was more like visiting a relative, comfortable and relaxing

    By Susan Sims, Publisher

    Door County is a personal favorite of ours. The peninsula in fall can’t be beat for the weather and friendly folks. This year we chose to stay at the family owned The Shallows Resort in Egg Harbor on the shores of Green Bay. Our condo with water views included a full kitchen and over a three-day...