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  • They’re B-aaaaack-Product Reviewers Swim Upstream!

    Fusspots. That’s both me and the Fido in my life. He is fussy about what treats he likes and I am fussy about what ingredients he takes in. Having lived with a dog who had irritable bowel disease, I am particularly picky when it comes to the treats my dog consumes.

    So when the four-legged variety of my household had the opportunity to review a product cleverly titled “Salmon Paws,” I hesitated....

  • Product Review: Kong Wobbler

    It weebles and it wobbles and it sorta’ falls down. But then it’s boing, right back up again.

    It’s the new Kong-shaped interactive food dispensing toy and feeder. When in the upright position, it sits still. When Fido comes along and pushes it with his/her nose or taps with the paw, it wobbles, spins, rolls, and dispenses ‘treats’ though a dispensing hole.

    My involvement meant filling the product...

  • Leashes and Lovers: Book announcement

    Here in Fido’s Vault, we’ve got the key to a very special cavern. We uncover hidden treasures and new products to the canine market.

    We’re kicking off our first hidden gem with a bang! 

    In the new book Leashes and Lovers, What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness, it’s revealed how to attract the life you want, and improve your relationships whether with a special someone, a...

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