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  • Through a dog’s eyes

    “Through a Dog’s Eyes” Highlights a Unique Teaching Philosophy Based on Love and Kindness; Documentary Will Change the Way People Think About Their Own Dogs

    Millions of Americans with disabilities rely on hope to get them through each day; hope for a breakthrough; hope for gaining or reclaiming independence; and hope for a friend. Each year, hundreds of them find hope at a handful of organizations...

  • Four legged life launches

    Nationally renowned pet expert Arden Moore unleashed a new online pet community called Four Legged Life on April 1 – no fooling!

    “Four Legged Life™ ( exemplifies that magical connection we have with our dogs, cats and other pets,” says Moore, editor-at-large of Fido Friendly, host of the popular “Oh Behave” show on Pet Life and author of 19 pet books. “We invite...

  • Welcome to Ostrich Friendly!

    We’re now in our 10th year and are thinking of expanding the publication to the next level. After much research, we found out that a large percentage of people like to travel with an ostrich. We’ll be scouring the country looking for hotels, inns, B&Bs, and resorts who feel the same way we do.

    They’re fast and fuzzy, cute and revered. FIDO Friendly is ruffling its feathers but not burying its...