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  • Orangutan and dog bond

    When a feel-good story crosses our desks here at FIDO Friendly, our tails wag and we can hardly contain our enthusiasm.

    When that story comes with video, that’s just icing on the cake.

    When we saw this video, we knew it was something we had to share with our readers. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. After watching this video, we’re sure you’ll concur: it might just be worth a million....

  • WINNERS!! Classy-Critter Custom Collar Contest

    It is said the expression of one’s personality is often reflected through their clothing. How cool if a collar could do the same for Fido? For one woman, classic handmade collars have united a forum, decorated the necklines of many a pooch, and are causing quite a buzz.

    Meet Erika, of Classy-Critter Collars. Erika is happily owned by her many cocker spaniels and very active with the dogs in...

  • Through a dog’s eyes

    “Through a Dog’s Eyes” Highlights a Unique Teaching Philosophy Based on Love and Kindness; Documentary Will Change the Way People Think About Their Own Dogs

    Millions of Americans with disabilities rely on hope to get them through each day; hope for a breakthrough; hope for gaining or reclaiming independence; and hope for a friend. Each year, hundreds of them find hope at a handful of organizations...

  • Four legged life launches

    Nationally renowned pet expert Arden Moore unleashed a new online pet community called Four Legged Life on April 1 – no fooling!

    “Four Legged Life™ ( exemplifies that magical connection we have with our dogs, cats and other pets,” says Moore, editor-at-large of Fido Friendly, host of the popular “Oh Behave” show on Pet Life and author of 19 pet books. “We invite...

  • Welcome to Ostrich Friendly!

    We’re now in our 10th year and are thinking of expanding the publication to the next level. After much research, we found out that a large percentage of people like to travel with an ostrich. We’ll be scouring the country looking for hotels, inns, B&Bs, and resorts who feel the same way we do.

    They’re fast and fuzzy, cute and revered. FIDO Friendly is ruffling its feathers but not burying its...

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