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  • Best in Show

    Home (and Fido) is Where the Heart Is

    Anushka Wirasinha is a bestselling Information Technology author who has written more than 30 fiction and nonfiction books. Her books are used in libraries and universities around the world and are textbooks for B. Tech professional exams. She has created numerous original songs, and her first album Brave was released in 2008. Anushka also works for the United...

  • Road to Freedom

    The kindness of strangers: voluntary animal transport
    By Laurie Jacobson

    Animals are transported by car, train, plane, canoe, snowmobile, one at a time or in groups. And not just dogs are transported, but also cats, rabbits, birds, pigs and horses. There are breed-specific transports, creature-specific, size- and region-specific transports. Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, too: men, women,...

  • The 12 Stays of Christmas

    Lords-a-leaping, golden rings and ladies dancing are fine to sing about, but Fido would prefer his geese-a-laying on a platter. Start talking about canine room service, a relaxing doggy massage and a sleigh ride with Santa, and tails will be wagging! The holidays are all about indulgence, and in that spirit, we couldn’t help ourselves. So instead of 12 fabulous and festive Fido-friendly hotels...

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