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  • From Russia with Love

    Medalist Gus Kenworthy

    For Medalist Gus Kenworthy and his friend Robin Macdonald, rescuing and re-homing abandoned strays from the streets of Sochi, Russia was all in a day’s work.

    Back in early February, 2014, the world was shocked at the culling of stray dogs prior to the Winter Olympic Games. Sochi, like many places in Russia, is home to several thousand stray dogs. Olympic silver medalist, Gus Kenworthy, an...

  • The Benefits of Canine Retreats

    Top Dog Sports Camps

    Top Dog Sports Camps—Where Fido can be the camp champ.

    For dog lovers dreaming of their own perfect pet vacay with Fido, canine camps are guaranteed to capture every dog lover’s quest for adventure. With so many stimulating canine camps to choose from, you can work up a thirst hiking and participating in your favorite dog-related sports. Canine sports camps are committed to not only the...

  • Psychology Leashes And Lovers

    Leashes and Lovers

    When you’ve had a bad day, your dog can sense your fatigue and apprehension.

    Silence is more than just the lack of sound. In the right hands, silence can be salve for your wounds, a place for you to grow, a doorway to enlightenment, and even a classroom for those of us seeking stronger, longer human relationships. When sitting quietly with your dog for a few moments, you can practically feel...

  • Loews Coronado Bay Resort

    Loews Coronado Bay Resort

    A Dog Lover’s Dream

    Sometimes what makes a great Fido-friendly destination is an excellent location and what activities there are available to experience with your dog at and around the hotel. Other times, it may be the amenities and hotel staff going above and beyond to welcome you and your dog that make for a special destination. And on rare occasions, a destination excels at all of the above....

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