Issue 61: Spring 2014

Issue 61

21 Spring Break
Fido deserves to let loose at ‘pupular’ spring break destinations.

22 The Kona Kai Resort
This San Diego jewel offers water sports and casually elegant dining on private waterfront.

24 Norfolk, Virginia
Virginia is for dog lovers and Norfolk welcome the entire pack.

26 Wisconsin
The Great River Road rises up to meet you and your furry companion.

28 Namibia
Brave dogs protect important flocks in Africa.

30 Ohio is the Bowser State
State Parks offer adventure for the entire family.

32 Paso Robles
Wineries and restaurants where you and Fido can whine and dine!

34 Door County
Hiking trails and miles of pet-friendly beaches surround the peninsula.

11 My Business Has Gone to the Dogs
Canine Covers keeps your cars interior clean and so much more.

12 Contest Winners
See some of the recent winners and their loot from FIDO Friendly contests.

14 Leave No Dog Offline
Follow our Twitter and Facebook Fido fun.

16 FIDO Fun Zone
From Puparazzi to Crossword Fun, buried treasures await.

18 FIDO Expo
A bonanza of tongue-wagging canines.

38 Feature Giveaway
Two rescue dogs are featured in a photo shoot at Maumee Bay, Ohio surrounded by products that you have a chance to win!

40 Cover: One Million Pibble March on Washington DC
Rebecca Corry and her Stand Up For Pits foundation hopes to create an understanding of the Pit Bull breed and end BSL forever with her historic march on Washington DC.

44 Mutt Everest
Joanne Lefson with rescue dog, Rupee, scale the heights to bring awareness to the importance of adoption.

48 Healing While Paying it Forward
The John & Schoep effect—how one pay it forward event has changed lives forever.

50 Separation Anxiety
Does your home include a nervous Nellie? There is hope and ways to cope.

52 Hiking with Your Dog
Helpful hints on keeping Fido happy and active in the great outdoors.

54 Car Buying Guide with Fido in Mind
Got the need for speed? Check out the 2014 models where Fido can ride in style!

57 Table For Two Chicken & Banana Bars
This savory dish can be cut into slices sized appropriately for your dog.

58 Crate & Garden
Don’t dig your dog digging your garden? Read helpful hints here.

60 He Yaps/She Yaps
Best advice on introducing Fido to a toddler.

61 Bowser on a Budget
Time to stop and smell the flowers with these spring savings for Fido-friendly travel.

62 Adoption Story
One photographer saw the beauty of the Landfill Dogs and helped find forever homes for these overlooked souls.

64 50+ with Fido
Baby boomers unite for fun and good advice.

65 The Glossary
Veterinarian-to-English dictionary.

66 Psychology
Do you love yourself as much as your dog loves you?

68 The Doc is In
Leptospirosis is one of the most widespread and prevalent zoonotic diseases worldwide.

70 Diet/Nutrition
New recipes filled with natural goodness.

82 The Backyard
Jim Cotsana spent 26 years as an Operations Officer and Senior Executive with the Central Intelligence Agency and traveled and lived all over the world. Learn about his second career in volunteering for the SPCA.

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Issue 60: Winter 2014

Issue 60

20 2013 Top Fido-Friendly Ski Resort
The beautiful and peaceful Vail Cascade is an all-season adventure resort for the entire family.

22 Yapping it up in a Yurt
Explore wine country Colorado and stay in a Fido-friendly Yurt.

24 Madison Wisconsin
Time flies when you’re having Madison fun.

26 June Lake, California
The Double Eagle Resort and Spa is often referred to as “The Switzerland Of California.”

28 12 Stays of Christmas
If your four-legged pal is dreaming of a White Christmas, pack a pooch pack and head off to the snowy slopes all over the world.

32 Fido on the Ferry
All aboard the ferry to Newfoundland with Fido.

34 Out of Africa and Into Switzerland Join in the ski and safari fun at these pet-friendly destinations.

8 Book Preview
Pukka’s Promise.

11 My Business Has Gone to the Dogs
Jared Katz from Coupaw has all the right deals.

12 Winning Essay on Adopting Fido
Meet Stephanie Vance who won our writing contest about how her rescue dog, Ozzie, changed her life.

14 FIDO Expo
A bonanza of tongue-toting canines.

16 Book Review
Autism and dogs as therapy.

17 Leave No Dog Offline
Follow our Facebook Fido fun and listen to the birdie tweets.

18 FIDO Fun Zone
From Puparazzi to Crossword Fun, buried treasures await.

38 Feature Giveaway
The Surfsand Resort in Cannon Beach, Oregon, rolls out a Fido-friendly room where a rescue dog from Clatsop County Animal Shelter has a photo shoot surrounded by products you can win.

40 Cover: Daytime Dudes
Meet three cast members from The Young & The Restless and learn how their dogs impact their lives.

46 Winter Exercise Solutions
Don’t let snow and rain ruin your Fido-fun. Check out these in-door games and mood altering lights.

48 Lady Long Rider
Night of the Wild Stallion is the final installment from the tenacious Bernice Ende who rides her horse thousands of miles each year with her dog Claire by her side.

50 February is Pet Dental Health Month
Practical advice on the importance of dental hygiene for your dog.

52 Special: The Doc Is In
Pet obesity on the rise and four dogs taking the weight loss challenge.

59 Table For Two
Consider salmon a healthy whole food meal as a special treat.

60 Crate & Garden
Tis the season for muddy paws and tips on keeping the outdoors out!

62 He Yaps/She Yaps
Leash aggression and trainer tips to combat the situation.

63 Bowser on a Budget
Winter prices fall with temperatures.

64 Adoption Story
Duncan lost two legs but gained his new forever home.

67 The Glossary
Veterinarian-to-English dictionary.

68 Psychology
Where to find your dog-loving mate.

70 Diet/Nutrition
New Year—Happier, Healthier Fido.

82 The Backyard
Harley Helman was just nine years old when she started a grassroots campaign to bring creature comforts to homeless pets.

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Issue 59: Fall 2013

Issue 59

23 RVing with Fido
What goes in to making a pet welcoming RV park?

24 A Palace Fit for Fido
Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas makes a big deal out of welcoming Fido with their Pet Stay program.

26 Fall Foliage
Falling leaves and Fido, a great combination!

28 Head to Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head Island is a pioneer in eco-friendly tourism and development.

30 Hot Springs, Arkansas
Dogs on leash are welcome on the walkways and trails.

32 Hit the Trails
Say goodbye to traffic; leave boring scenery behind and head to a nearby rail-trail.

8 Book Preview Pukka’s Promise.

13 My Business Has Gone to the Dogs
Joanna Rein, President and top dog of Soggy Doggy has the solution for muddy paws and wet dogs.

14 FIDO Expo
A tail-wagging time with 50 luscious canines.

18 FIDO Fun Zone From Puparazzi to Crossword Fun, buried treasures await.

20 Leave No Dog Offline Follow our Facebook
Fido fun and become a tail-wagging tweet.

34 25 Days of Gift Giving
One winner each day walks away with a Fido-fabulous prize.

36 Feature Giveaway
Two adoptable dogs from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia, enjoy their five minutes of fame surrounded by products you can win!

38 Cover
Nominated actress and animal lover, Ashley Bell, talks about her documentary in the making, Love and Bananas and lends her celebrity status to Get Your Licks on Route 66®.

40 Take a Deep Breath
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is breathing new life into critically injured dogs.

42 What a Voice
Katrina Parker, season 2 finalist of The Voice, has a new album out and dishes on how life has changed since appearing on The Voice.

44 Gentlemen, Start your Engines!
Two Nascar drivers share their need for speed and lend their celebrity status to help animals.

47 Penny Ate a Penny
A valuable lesson about loose change hanging around that is harmful to your pet if ingested.

48 You Know You Need It
How to pick pet insurance, not that easy of a task.

50 Lady Long Rider
Claire Dog reveals her adventures in her own words.

52 Get Your Licks on Route 66®
5th Annual Month Long Pet Adoption Tour Get Your Licks on Route 66® travels down America’s Favorite Highway from Los Angeles to Chicago, helping to save pets, one shelter at a time.

59 Table For Two
Gluten-free Halloween Rounds for Sensitive Dogs.

60 He Yaps/She Yaps
Why does my dog howl at trains and even some sounds on the TV and how can I get him to stop?

61 Bowser on a Budget
Prices drop like falling leaves at these great leaf peeping destinations.

62 Adoption Story
Arbor is a Budding Artist.

16 Diet/Nutrition
Is Fido allergic? Allergic reactions to food ingredients are quite rare. Part two.

65 The Glossary
Veterinarian-to-English dictionary.

66 Psychology
Whose been sleeping in my bed?

68 The Doc is in
Clinical signs of Canine Distemper.

82 The Backyard
Fetch a pair of reading or sunglasses from a company that donates 100% of their profits to animal rescue.

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