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  • Wag Lifetime Joint Care For FIDO

    FIDO loves to run and play and we love that Wag is an all natural way to help keep us healthy and happy and active!

    Our dogs are extensions of our family, our personalities, and our lifestyles. 20% of dogs show signs of canine arthritis by the age of one.

    Wag is the only joint health supplement that protects your dog’s joints, bones, ligaments and tendons. It is clinically proven to be 5X more...

  • Capture The World From FIDO’s Point of View With GoPro

    From Great Danes to Dachshunds, GoPro Fetch Mount captured some adorable doggy POV at the Del Mar Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, where more than 6,000 people and their unique dogs came to enjoy a day of spirited competition and water play.

    The event was an ideal place to outfit dogs with the new Fetch mount to capture footage of them exploring the shoreline, playing in the waves and making new friends...

  • Doggy GOO for FIDO and GOOy CHEWy RELIEF for You

    It may be ALLERGY season for BOTH of Us - THE Achoo Sneezing AND the Itchy, Paw Chewing family members, but never fear, FIDO’s friends Doggy GOO and GOOy CHEWy RELIEF have come to the rescue!

    Built on the philosophy that rather than mask allergy symptoms with pharma, you can instead build heightened internal immune tolerance to major enviro allergy sources in both “You” and “your Dog”. 


  • Award Winning Skin Care NOT Tested on Animals

    I am trying Jabu’she line of skin care because it is not tested on animals. After using the same high-priced products for years, I discovered in my search for ethical treatment of animals, that my current skin care regime was something I needed to change.

    Jabu’she is a Swedish anti-aging skin care line using patented QAL-100, a combination of lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10 and acetyl carnitine. ...

  • Laika Designer Collars Are Fun For FIDO

    Laika designer collars are fun and stylish – and FIDO Friendly fans can save 20% when you design your own collar for your FIDO!

    Laika invites dog owners to create an original one-of-a-kind collar for their beloved Fido. Always thought your doggie would look pawfect in a hot pink collar decorated with sculls and hearts? Now you can use Laika's free online design tool and in 5 minutes design an...

  • Kurgo® Makes a Splash with New Skipping Stones

    New brightly colored Skipping Stones provide hours of outdoor fun for pets and owners.

    Put that slimy old tennis ball down, because Kurgo® is changing fetch this summer with their new Skipping Stones, a floating fetch toy with a flat bottom, perfect for skipping across water. Great for dogs that love to swim, the new Skipping Stones are made with owners in mind, too.


    “Fetch is an engaging...

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