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  • More time spent with Fido thanks to cleaning robot bObsweep

    I am sitting outdoors with my two rescue hounds Junior and Jake soaking up the morning spring sunshine in Idaho. It’s very quite, very peaceful, but what is that low ‘whirring’ sound in the background? I can barely hear it. Oh right, I forgot to say, I am also vacuuming.

    Well, I am not vacuuming actually, my new best robot friend Bob from bObsweep is working away.

    bObsweep is the intelligent...

  • Vimtag is the in-home camera of choice

    Nothing in the pet industry has changed more dramatically than the care we give our pets today. With Vimtag being the in-home camera of choice, pet parents now have the advantage of being able to monitor their dog's well-being at all times. Vimtag's home monitoring cameras are easy to set up, allowing pet parents to see their pets at home from computers, smartphones, or tablets from anywhere in...


    Linda Ludvigson from Sierra Vista, Arizona is our 3rd Fat Fido challenger. Here is her winning essay!

    It is important for me to get Lucky to a healthier weight because he is a rescue who deserves another chance. I got him from a foster home over 2 years ago. His previous owners tried to neuter him using rubber bands. He had to stay in a shelter until the court case was resolved.

    When his foster...

  • Meet Nick who will go from FIDO FAT to FIDO FABULOUS!

    Sarah & Brian Surritt from Vista, California, submitted this winning essay for their dog Nick who will be part of the weight loss study in our From Fido FAT to Fido FABULOUS challenge.

    Meet Nick. He is 82.6 lbs of love and should be closer to 60. He’s 6 weeks new to our family- rescued from Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas where Sarah volunteers. We assume he came from a home where he...

  • Cool Pet Pad

    When traveling last year for our 7th annual cross-country pet adoption tour, Get Your Licks on Route 66®, we placed the Cool Pet Pads inside both dog crates for Junior and Jake since they would be making the eight thousand mile trek with us in our quest to help place pets in to new forever homes.

    Offered exclusively by The Green Pet Shop, the innovative cooling pad can be used any time, any...

  • RUGGABLE® 2-Piece Rug System

    RUGGABLE® 2-Piece Rug System is the solution to common complaints with rugs on the market today.  A cushioned, non-slip rug pad acts as a solid base to a variety of stylish covers. The covers firmly attach to the rug pad but are easily removed, machine washable and interchangeable!


    Easy and Affordable to Clean


    Interchangeable Covers


    Rug pad has a water resistant surface and is easy to...