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  • FIDO Friendly Subscriber Spotlight - Meet Beauty and Janice

    This week’s Subscriber Spotlight features Janice Trzeciak and her FIDO Beauty.

    Beauty's story starts on facebook. One of my friends shared a pic of a pit bull that was on death row at NYAC&C. Something in those eyes just got to me. Having 5 pitbulls already I wasn’t sure about taking another in.  Once I expressed interest in her though, it was almost a done deal.

    The only problem was that we...

  • Communities Ready To Rally for a Chance to Win $100,000 For PetSafe Bark For Your Park 2015

    PetSafe® brand is gearing up to award another U.S. community with $100,000 and four runner-ups with $25,000 each in their fifth annual Bark for Your Park contest!

    Today, more than 54 million households in the United States have dogs – a total of 77.8 million dogs. While dog parks provide a wealth of benefits to both dogs and the area they live in, many communities simply don’t have the budget to...

  • FIDO Friendly Subscriber Spotlight - Meet Parker and Kimberly

    This week’s Subscriber Spotlight features Kimberly Mockler and her FIDO Parker.

    Parker is an approximately 10-year old rough collie who is a product of careless merle-to-merle breeding.  He was born mostly white, deaf, and blind (born without any eyes).  He ended up with an animal hoarder on Long Island, New York before being rescued by the Suffolk County SPCA and Second Chance Wildlife Rescue...

  • FIDO Friendly Subscriber Spotlight - Meet Warrior and Michelle

    This week’s Subscriber Spotlight features Michelle Charvat and her FIDO Warrior.

    Warrior is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix that I played a role in saving along with her family 2 ½ years ago. I live in Ohio and she was found in an abandoned house in Nevada just days old. The very first picture I saw of her was as a tiny baby I knew she was born to be mine. I just didn’t realize why.


  • FIDO Friendly Subscriber Spotlight - Meet Luke and Laurie

    We love to hear from our subscribers and this note from Laurie and her service dog Luke was very special and we wanted to share it with you.

    Luke is a service dog in training for Warrior Canine Connection.  As his puppy raisers our job is to expose Luke to as many different environments and situations as possible.  In the last 15 months Luke as visited DisneyWorld in Florida, Arizona, St. Louis,...

  • Fall into a Nicholas Sparks Love Story Contest - See Why Smokey Won

    Recently, best-selling author of The Notebook and pet adoption advocate Nicholas Sparks teamed up with nonprofit PetSmart Charities to find the ultimate heartwarming pet adoption story.

    Nearly 1,000 submissions came in for the “Fall into a Nicholas Sparks Love Story Contest” of people whose lives have been changed by their adopted pet. The winner, chosen by Nicholas Sparks himself, will see her...

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