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2011 Petis Best Dog BlogFIDO Friendly magazine is proud to announce winning Best Dog Blog of the year 2011 as awarded by Dogtime Media. This is a huge honor for FIDO Friendly, bestowed by the largest vertical media community focused on pet owners.

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  • On the Road Again – Travel Checklist for FIDO

    It’s time for summer fun with FIDO!  Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend trip or two or a full vacation week (or two!), it’s time to get your packing list in order … and that includes FIDO.

    This handy checklist for packing up your pooch will help make sure everyone enjoys the trip:

    A copy of their recent shots and your vet’s contact information

    Research the closest vet clinic to where you...

  • Friday is “Take Your Dog To Work” Day

    For people who need an excuse, this Friday, June 23rdis “Take Your Dog to Work” day. It’s that one special day of the year when dog lovers can introduce their best friends to their co-workers. Your Rancho Coastal Humane Society reminds dog owners to follow a few basic rules for success.


    Dogs help to create a calmer workplace,” according to RCHS spokesman John Van Zante. “Productivity is...

  • Speed Into Winner’s Circle with a Napier Truck Tent 57 Series

    Grab FIDO and your (other!) best pals, and speed into the 2017 racing season in style with a Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series.


    Kick off Daytona with a weekend full of high speed, tailgating fun and leave the worry about finding the perfect campsite in the dust. The Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series is guaranteed to get you to the last lap. It assembles in the back of your open-bed pickup, creating the...

  • Your Dog’s Dream Weekend Getaway

    Tentrr is designed for outdoor lovers and their dogs. Too frequently, campgrounds are not dog-friendly or require dogs to be leashed at all times. 

    Tentrr puts fully-equipped campsites on 15 acres or more private secluded land so your dog can run free. In addition, each Tentrr campsite has onsite swimming spots and hiking trails as well as nearby dog-friendly activities such as wineries,...